Things to Do in Key Largo

There are lots of things to do in Key Largo, and most of them are in the water. In the actual town of Key Largo, you won’t find much on land that’s worth stopping for. There are convenience stores, tourist trap restaurants you should probably avoid, dive shops, and more mundane stores like Home Depot and gas stations. Things to do in Key Largo means John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park! It’s about the water and the resorts that were built for visitors to enjoy the water.

Key Largo was once a series of small islands, but during railroad construction in the early twentieth century, fill was dumped between the islets and the result was one long continual land mass. We now call this Key Largo, from mile marker 100 down to the town of Tavernier, around Mile Marker 93.

Key Largo Hammocks State Botanical Site

There is just one of the things to do in Key Largo that’s on land, that might interest some nature-oriented vacationers That’s Kay Largo Hammocks State Botanical Site. It’s located half a mile down County Road 905, towards Ocean Reef as you leave Key Largo going north and east. It’s the road to Card Sound Bridge, which is an alternate route for those driving back to the mainland. The entrance to the park is hard to miss: it’s a giant creme-colored gate with a tile roof. It’s grand. Believe it or not, there are two-thousand acres behind that gate, containing a precious, rare, continuous stand of subtropical West Indian Hardwood Hammock. It’s one of the largest in the United States, actually. If you’re a nature lover and your looking for things to do in Key Largo, it’s a worthwhile place to visit. This is because it shows you how the Keys used to be: full of trees and jungly plants. Funny it’s located in one of the most heavily developed strip-like areas of the Keys, Key Largo. Key Largo Hammocks State Botanical Site almost didn’t exist, was almost torn down, denuded. A resort village to be called Port Bougainvillea was slated to occupy the land, and some model homes were actually built. They are still there, in ruins, in an off-limits section of the park. Of course, it’s a popular spot for teenagers of Key Largo and their spray paint. The ruins are spooky and strange, and you can actually see them if you kayak in the canal they made, which is accessible just outside of Garden Cove Marina’s canal, just north. There are sometimes sharks in there, and the whole kayak experience down the canal to the ruins is a gem of a trip.

Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center

Driving west out of Key Largo, the next spot you’ll hit will be Tavernier, around Mile Marker 93. Here’s where we find another item on our list of things to do in Key Largo. About half a mile into Tavernier, on the bayside, look for homemade wooden signs signalling the approaching Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center. The entrance is wooded and hidden by leaves until you are right on top of it, hence the wooden signs. The last sign is in the shape of a heron, and it’s great because it’s old Keys, meaning it was there before big money and big condo and resort development hit the islands. The Center is run by volunteers and funded by donations and they take care of wild birds that have been injured, orphaned, or who are ill. They release the birds back into nature once they’ve been rehabilitated. As you walk the wooden boardwalk through a maze of cages, birdhouses, and pens, you’ll see pelican after pelican that’s been somehow injured in one way or another. Lots of the pelicans were injured by mono filament line from fishing. They get tangled in the stuff. You’ll also see cormorants and herons, too. There are some owls, and even a pen of orphaned racoons, although last time we were there the raccoon cage was empty. If you find an injured bird you can call the Center. This is many visitors’ favorite things to do in Key Largo.

Harry Harris County Park

Harry Harris State Park is a quiet oasis from the hustle bustle of the Overseas Highway and all its tourist-luring businesses on the main drag in Key Largo. At mile marker 92.5 just before you hit Tavernier, turn left onto Burton Drive and head for the ocean. There’s a beach and lots of picnic tables and playground. All this makes Harry Harris County Park an ideal spot to spend a casual afternoon enjoying the warm weather and the Atlantic Ocean, should you get tired of the actually being on or in the water. You can’t bring your pets, though, but it is a beautiful, low-key spot, which is hard to find on land in Key Largo area.

Key Largo

Key Largo FloridaKey Largo Florida is the first of the Florida Keys as you drive south from Miami. It’s also the only stop for many visitors who consider the waters around Key Largo to be amongst the finest in the world for diving. In fact, if your vacation is all about scuba, snorkeling, or fishing, Key Largo Florida has everything you need within a short drive from Miami International Airport or even Fort Lauderdale International Airport. There are also world-class resorts here, fine dining, and the best underwater marine state park in the country, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

This treasured state park hosts all sorts of marine activities, centered upon the coral reef that runs parallel to the Florida Keys from Key Largo Florida all the way out past Key West to the Dry Tortugas. What makes Key Largo Florida the best place for diving is the proximity of the Gulf Stream to the island itself. Nowhere else in the Florida Keys does the Gulf Stream come this close to the reef, which itself is closer to Key Largo Florida than in other parts of the Florida Keys.

Key Largo Florida is a top destination for vacationing divers, but you’ll find plenty of vacationers here that never actually get into the water. These would be the back country anglers who come for exciting flats fishing in the back country behind Key Largo. Anglers can fish Everglades National Park from Key Largo Florida, since the two are close to each other. A quick ride north from Key Largo lands sport fishermen right in the Everglades for all-day action-packed fishing for bonefish, permit, redfish, tarpon, and whatever else they may encounter in the abundant waters of Everglades National Park.

How about things to do in Key Largo Florida for those who don’t fish or dive? Go to John Pennekamp State Park and discover Key Largo and the coral reef in a variety of other ways. They’ve thought of everything at this multi-faceted state park, and everyone. For those visitors who want a serene, calm look at the coral reef, there’s the Glass Bottom Boat tour, where you are driven out to the reef in a large, stable boat with glass panels in the hull for viewing the reef. This is a great option for families with very young children. You’ll also find canoe and kayak rentals, snorkel trips, ranger talks and a nature trail through the mangroves at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

There’s lots more to do in Key Largo Florida and surrounding areas we call the Upper Keys. From mile marker 110 down to mile marker 88 you get Key Largo, Tavernier, and Plantation Key. The water around the Upper Keys bayside provides miles and miles of backcountry within Florida Bay. This is perhaps the largest attraction of Key Largo, after John Pennekamp State Park.

Holidays to Key Largo can be whatever you want to make of them.

Florida Keys Vacation Rentals

Florida Keys Vacation Rentals
Savor the island charm in your choice of Florida Keys vacation rentals. There are so many to choose from! If you’ve got a large family or a group of travelers, then Florida Keys vacation rentals might even be the most economical choice for you. For anyone, it’s the ideal way to spend a Keys beach vacation. Pick from a wide selection of vacation rentals to suit any style and location. From short term rentals to seasonal cottages and condos, you can find the place to make your Keys vacation perfect.

Find luxurious and affordable rentals from Key Largo to Key West. Rent a private home for your large family or group and actually save money on your vacation. Rent a lovely cottage with a kitchen for your family of six for one month and the savings add up when compared to the price of three hotel rooms for a month. Enjoy a sunny conch cottage in Key West with its own pool in the back, complimentary bicycles, and plenty of parking. Take part in Key West living and get to know your neighbors, it’s a friendly town!

If a cottage isn’t your style, and you’d rather be close to the beach then a waterfront condo might be your choice in Florida Keys vacation rentals. Get one with an ocean view balcony and easy access to the beach- there are plenty available in Key West also. Look for these on South Roosevelt Ave, which is lined with condos that face the Atlantic Ocean. Smathers Beach is right across the street so you couldn’t get any closer to the ocean and beach with this stretch of condos in Key West.

From Key Largo to Marathon most of the Florida Keys vacation rentals consist of private stand-alone homes. There are some condo developments in Key Largo, such as Moonbay on the bay side, which holds plenty of rentals for visitors. Marathon is comprised mostly of private homes, as is Key Colony Beach, a small town on the ocean side adjacent to Marathon. In Key Colony Beach you are likely to

Florida Keys Campgrounds

Florida Keys Campgrounds

Florida Keys campgrounds come in several varieties. For the most part, RV campers will find that most Florida Keys campgrounds will accommodate their needs. Florida has extremely hot and humid weather conditions for part of the year, so tent campers are not as common as they would be in many other parts of the country. In general, the Florida Keys campgrounds seem to be geared towards RVers, but they do reserve spots for tenters as well. Keep in mind, prices quoted can change at any time, and are also subject to an 11.5% tax.

Key Largo Campgrounds

Starting in Key Largo, there is Kings Kamp at mile marker 103.5. On the bayside, they have RV sites and tent sites, pleasantly nestled along grassy patches with views of Florida Bay. Like all Florida Keys campgrounds, rates will seem high compared to other campgrounds in the country. During tourist season, it’s $50 per night. They also have weekly and monthly rates with a slight discount over the daily rate. Also available are motel rooms and efficiencies. If you have a boat you’ll be glad to know they have a marina too.

The Key Largo Kampground is found at mile marker 101.5 on the bay side. They have RV and tent sites, ranging from $33 a night for a bare bones tent site with no electricity to $70 a night for an RV site with a water view. They are a full service campground with social activities such as shuffleboard, bingo and dance classes. There’s a beautiful large pool- two actually, playground, clubhouse, and volleyball court.

Calusa Camp Resort is another Florida Keys campground on the bay side in Key Largo. They have full hook-ups, pets are accepted, and they also have propane. Find this campground at mile marker 101.5. Also offered are the usual full service camping amenities such as laundry, hot showers, propane sales, pool and clubhouse.

Campgrounds in the Middle Keys

Knights Key Campground is at mile marker 47, practically under the eastern end of the Seven Mile Bridge. They’ll accommodate tents and RVs with plenty of services and amenities.

Fiesta Key KOA is set up for any kind of camper, from tenters to full RV travelers. They have a pool, snackbar, dog walking area, and beautiful sunset views.

Jolly Roger Travel Park is at mile marker 59 on the Gulf Side, or bayside. They have just RV spots and offer a discount for Passport America holders.

Campgrounds in the Key West Area

Bluewater RV resort is actually fourteen miles from the city of Key West, but it is considered a Key Westcampground. It’s all in the name: Bluewater RV Resort does not allow car campers or tent campers! Rates are from $70 a night for an off-season basic site to $185 a night for peak season premium site.

Boyd’s Campground may be the best deal for camping in Key West. It’s on Stock Island, which is the island next to Key West, at mile marker 4. They welcome tenters as well as RVers. You can catch a city bus right from the campground to downtown Key West, or you can just ride a bicycle over the bridge, it’s so close. They’re on they ocean side and their sites have great views.

Leo’s Campground & RV Park is also on stock Island and also has tent sites plus RV spots. They’re $39 a night in the off season for tent spots, ($49 for RV spots) and $45 for peak season tent spots, $62 for RVs.

Sugarloaf Key/KOA is not in Key West or even Stock Island but it’s close enough for convenience, at mile marker 20. They run a bus to Key West every day, or you can drive the 20 miles in a snap.


Florida Keys Hotels

Florida Keys hotels come in so many exciting shapes and sizes! When you are planning a trip to the Florida Keys, the first logical step is to figure out where you are going to stay. And with Florida Keys being such a tourist destination, there are plenty of Florida Keys hotel choices for vacationers, whether you are a party of one, or part of a group. There are Florida Keys hotels to suit every budget.

The Florida Keys offers hotels to suit all budgets and all needs, whether you want the extravagant or the economical version of a dream Keys holiday. And whether you plan to stay for a week or the season, you can find Florida Keys hotels for the length of stay you desire.

Guesthouses, a type of Florida Keys accommodations mostly found in Key West and most often historic houses of charm and character, come fully furnished. Some guesthouses are furnished with the basics. Others are lovingly restored Victorian style houses, filled with antiques and fine furnishings, and are perfect for those wanting to indulge in the historic culture of the Keys.

Florida Keys accomodations

Holiday Inn Key Largo


For those looking for a more personal and intimate setting in Florida Keys hotels, most bed and breakfasts in the Florida Keys are the ideal setting for romance. The majority of bed and breakfasts are owner operated and serve up delicious breakfasts of baked goods, cereals and fruits, as well as juice, coffee or tea. Many bed and breakfasts also have complimentary bikes and other amenities for use by guests.

There are many vacation rental properties amongst Florida Keys hotels, from small bungalows for one or two adults, to large houses, which are ideal for larger sized families or groups of friends. Apartments and condos are also available, for those not requiring a house. And some houses offer several separate suites in the same house, making it an ideal option for larger families and groups. Most of these are rented on a monthly basis, although most are available on a seasonal basis or for longer term.

florida keys hotels

Anchor Drop Hotel, Islamorada


The Florida Keys have many hotels, from economy chain hotels to five star luxury chains. With a wide variety of budgets served, most are able to find something perfectly suited for what they are willing to spend. Hotels offer the amenities and services found in chain hotels throughout the Unites States, and most offer swimming pools and hot tubs as well. Many also have their own in-hotel tiki bars and restaurants, and some offer complimentary breakfast service as well.

For those with more expensive tastes, the Florida Keys offer excellent resorts, in the pricier scale of Florida Keys hotels. Many resorts, such as Little Palm Island, offer everything for guests, so there is no reason to leave the resort premises. Many offer spa services, such as facials, massages, and manicures, offer world class dining experiences, and have private beaches and resort pools.